Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cognizance Check | Interview with Cognizant Technologies.

     The hat trick ball is always the tough one. I had applied for taking part in the series of off-campus placement programme by Anna University even before the Exterro interview. I couldn’t take part in the Accenture interview which was the first in the series because it coincided with the Exterro one. So I participated in the second drive which was by Cognizant. It was held days before the Pongal festival. I remember calling my dad the day before the interview and telling him about my friends coming to my home. It was the first time and I felt a little uncomfortable about the bringing up the topic. Surprisingly, he agreed and was more enthusiastic than I really was. Then he asked about the interview next day. I confessed my fear of continuing to crack all interviews coming my way even though I had just done that two times. It was overwhelming to go on with an invincible track record. Because as Dr. Abdul Kalam puts it, many really are waiting to tell it’s all just luck if we fail after tasting a few consecutive success.  He just told me it’s ok if I didn’t get selected. That was a huge moral boost.
     Cognizant drive was a little overrated in our college. At least I believed so because they gave us practice to face group discussions. And the process of the drive in itself was also a little different in the way that GD preceded aptitude test. So maybe they were right in training us in GD. One person to be mentioned in particular was the new dean of our department Dr. Prabhu Ram Rajan. He was more enthusiastic than anyone else in making us all excel in the drive. Believe it or not, enthusiasm is contagious.
     Coming to the first day, we were all seated in a make-shift auditorium. There was some formal inauguration for the event and registration of the candidates. All this took more than half a day because there were around 2500 candidates. I met one of my old friends from IMU who also switched to engineering along with me during the registrations. He luckily didn’t get through the interview and I say luckily because he’s now working in Singapore and as of today CTS hasn’t called the selected candidates yet. Everything happens for a reason.
     The group discussion started around 2.30pm if I remember rightly. The HR was a lady who was friendly and she stated that she was bored of technical topics and thus gave us an even boring and such an oldie topic of love vs arranged marriage. She gave us some time to gather our thoughts and called out names and they would then stand up and voice their opinion. I presumed that many would support love marriages and it would be cool and unique if I supported arranged marriages. To my surprise, arranged marriage was most supported. Nor that I was disappointed but I didn’t expect it.
     Another funny moment that happened during the GD was the presence three Vigneshs on the same hall and we were not aware of that. When she first called out Vignesh she read with an initial so it was not a problem. The next time she called out Vignesh, I just stood up and spoke and sat down and there was no one raising a problem. After a while, she called out Vignesh Priyadarshan and I was surprised. I just told her that my turn was complete. Probably she didn’t remember me talking or I didn’t know for what she asked me to do it again. So I just stated in one sentence the summary of what I said earlier and she replied, “Perfect” probably remembering my earlier comment. 3 of us were eliminated at the end of the round and the rest of us were asked to take the aptitude test.
      The aptitude test was as usual quants, verbal etc and the result was announced only that night. I found my name on the list and did my usual preparation for the interview. Additionally, I also contacted one of my friends working in Cognizant and gathered first-hand information. Equipped with all that I went to attend the interview on a day when I should have been home for Pongal if not for the interview. The second day was horrible. I had to wait till 3.30pm for the interview and everything was over by 4.30pm. I helped some candidates by telling them some programming concepts they asked once they come to know that I was from IT background. Rest of the time, I was just doodling on extra copies of my resume. How could I pass a whole day waiting?
     I was finally called in for the technical interview. The questions asked to me were anything but technical. First as usual was the self-introduction and I just grabbed his attention by stating that I did my schooling in 7 different schools and went to show-off my varied course choices and my travel experience. He was pretty impressed. He then asked about the papers I had presented and the project that I was planning to do. He raised a few queries about my paper. I gave convincing answers. That was all. It became the easiest technical I had attended by then.
      Finally, there was an interview with an HR. It was kid stuff. He asked me about myself, my hobbies and location preference. He asked me to sign on a declaration that stated that location is not at all a problem for me. I signed because it never is going to be. The funny thing was he didn’t know what doodling meant when I said that was one of my hobbies.

      After the interview, I started left for my home and reached home the next morning. It was a Sunday and I was on my Pongal leave. I saw the results around noon and was really happy that I was selected. I really felt having accomplished something because 3 in a row is never an easy stuff. 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Excitation phase | Interview with Exterro Inc.

It all started the day following the last exam of the last semester. The whole class was asked to take part in an intensive training in order to be equipped well enough to attend the exterro interview.
The first day was 22-12-14. It was a Monday and we were asked to bring all our things to stay in the hostel till the end of the training. I had my baggage ready and went to college at the usual time. Our class was assigned a classroom at the top floor. I took the last seat and it was fun to be at the last.
Then Parthiban took over. He segregated the students based on whether they want java or c++. I selected Java and we began our training in the communication lab.
The training went on for 4 days and it was followed by the interview on Friday. We all were asked to come in blazers. The first round was an aptitude test. The java questions were really a little tough to answer but the aptitude was fun except the time constraint.
I was shortlisted for the next round – the GD. There were a total of 27 students selected for the group discussion.
The GD took place in three sessions with 9 students for each session. I was in the second nine. And finally my chance came; the topic given to us was web browsers. I started the discussion and made some good points. I was sure I would be shortlisted for the next round and I was.
The next was the technical and I was second in order to the interview. Kumar was the first and they interviewed him for about 10 minutes. Then I went in.
I was asked a brief introduction about myself. The first few questions were about my interests in design and development. They probed me to find out my real interest whether it was design or development. I told them about the flash applications.
 Then they went on to ask about SSL which I managed to give a short answer. They told me that they were tempted to ask that question because of my interest in web technology. I said that by web technology I just meant html and stuffs.
Then they asked about get and post methods to which I gave a fairly good answer. The next question was on interfaces. I gave my best explanation. And finally they came to this question which they stated was a tricky one. If given an offer immediately would I choose Exterro or Aspire Systems?
I said I would choose Exterro stating my interest in a product based company. That was the end of my technical interview.
After the technical interview, 7 candidates were shortlisted to do a task from the company in 3 days. I was one among them. The task was to develop a Java web application which involved servlets, java script, css and sql.
We were given 3 days to complete the task and I was very sure of completing the task in 2 days and dedicating the entire third day for decorating my work. But it was easier said. Learning the basics of servlets and JSP took the whole duration and only when we were close to the deadline, we literally started our project.
We should have submitted the task by 6.00 pm and I was coding at full speed at the last hour. I had all the functionalities of one module ready but not the other one. Fortunately we were all given an extension till the end of that day. That meant an additional 6 hours of oxygen.
I completed my task by about 08.00 pm. Well, that was about 2 hours late but my work was complete at least. We all sent the task by mail at about 11.30 pm.
Only after two days on the New Year day, I came to know that I was shortlisted for the next round along with 3 others. Thus I learnt that the three rounds of shortlisting and the daunting task was not all.  
On 02.01.15, the day after the New Year we four were asked to come to the Tidel Park, at Exterro R&D Coimbatore for the second set of rounds of the Interview Process.
The start was great. It was an early day and I woke up at 04.00 am and got ready by 04.30 when Nantha Kumar came to my room. He, his brother and me were riding his bike to the Trichengode bus stand. Then took place the most interesting part of the journey.
The fuel got empty when we were not even a mile away from where we started. A man who passed us advised us to buy a liter of fuel from a local vendor and travel till the next fuel station. But Nantha didn’t heed him and wanted to try his luck more. He just put the vehicle down on the road and waited for the last drops of fuel to enter the engine.
After about 5 minutes, he started the bike again and we were able to reach our college 3 km away from my room and we had to go another mile to reach the fuel station. We just pushed the bike and were walking on the road at about 04.45 am early in the morning when the whole place was peacefully sleeping. The worst part was I started sweating due to the high physical activity. Thankfully, the atmosphere was chill and I was not sweating too much. Looks does matter after all!
The drama was finally over, when his brother got the bike started and he went ahead of us to reach the fuel station. He filled it and took us to the Tiruchengode Bus Stand. We were there at about 5.00am. We took a bus to Erode and then from there to Coimbatore.
Finally we reached Tidel Park at about 08.00 am. We were not let inside by the watchmen as we were not holding any ID cards. We called Exterro and they asked the watchmen to let us inside for the Interview and we all were asked to wait in the food court till 09.00am.
We were inside the company at about 09.30 am and the interview process started. One of us was called for the technical interview and I took the chance because I hated to wait long. I went in. The interviewer was the same one I had met in the technical round at college earlier. He asked me about the task and what I learnt out of it.
I gave a convincing answer and mentioned that I learnt JSP, servlet etc to which he said the use of JSP is not advisable because of the number of times of compilation required for displaying JSP pages. Then he gave me his laptop and asked me to code a java servlet to print the current date and time. He had already opened the eclipse JDK for me and I could see my task in the tabs. I just came up with some wild guesses on the name of the function. Even though I couldn’t decide on the right one over the choices provided by the drop down, he helped me with the one he expected.
He then asked me to code a program that gets the users name on one page and prints it with a “hi” on the next one. That was kid stuff. He then asked me a few questions regarding some concepts in java servlets. I was much new to java servlets and he knew that so he was pretty ok with the rather unclear answers that I gave. And finally he asked the advantages of using java servlets instead of JSP for which I don’t remember giving a sharp answer either. Nevertheless, he told me the right answer. I promptly said that I didn’t know it. And the interview was over just like that.
The next round was with the HR, Mr. Karthik Subramaniam. His interview was more personal. He just got me to tell about my family background and about my story of having ended up in a college in salem after completing schooling in Chennai. I also told him about the CEED exam that I had taken and I wouldn’t be able to join the company if I ever got a chance to do higher studies in IIT. He agreed and asked me to wait for the next round.
After lunch at the IT park’s food court, I was called in for the next round of interview with another HR. He also had some usual set of ice breaking questions like brief introductions and stuffs like that but he was quite cordial. He then asked me to rate myself on a scale of 1-10 on my java knowledge. I said 8. And then he came up with a really good question. He asked,”So you know the object oriented concepts?”. I nodded. He continued,”Just tell me which one of those concepts is used in the system.out.println statement.” That looks simple on the surface but I could not cut through it. I just tried my luck,”Inheritance??”. He didn’t say yes or no but just asked me how. That how made me think like maybe I was right. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I just gave a weird justification for my answer. He just smiled and said, “It’s polymorphism”. Looking at my puzzled face he went on, “because the println function works for int or a string or a character etc”. That’s when I deduced that he has got some really strong programming basics and I shouldn’t take HRs lightly. He then asked, “still you rate yourself at 8?”. But I didn’t give in. I retorted,”Sir, Maybe I didn’t know the OOPs concept behind the println statement but that is not going to stop me from using those functions efficiently in my programs.”. He smiled in approval.
He went on to ask about my short term and long term goals for which I gave fairly good answers. And he also asked how many years I would commit to Exterro if I am selected. I don’t know why I was that miserly, I just said 1. That too with a hesitation. But that didn’t make any difference.
The final round was with the Executive Director of India operations. She was portrayed to be someone so strict and I was a little nervous. But frankly, she didn’t seem so and was very cordial when she interviewed me. She just asked me when would I get my IIT results and I replied that by January 15. She told me that she wanted to give me an internship immediately but as I was also having other plans, she asked me to convey my result once I get it.
PS: Things took wild turns after that and eventually I didn’t get to work there even though my result was not as I expected it to be. Now, even my decision of not taking the offer immediately seems to be the best possible because I got to experience so many things just because I was free.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Aspiration Begins | Interview with Aspire Systems.

This is the first of the series of posts on the interviews I have attended. Hope you enjoy reading it
      I must first confess that I was not really very interested in attending the interview. It wouldn’t be all false if I said I just attended the interview so that I could skip classes. It was about a week or two past Diwali and I wore my Diwali dress, an ultra-formal solid blue shirt and my favourite pants to the off-campus held at Senguthar College, Erode. So uninterested was I that, I even took the photocopies of the required documents only on the day of the interview. The first round was an aptitude test. It was done in shifts because there were around 3000 candidates taking the exam. So the guys who came first ended up finishing the test earlier. I reached the venue a little later, due to which I had to take the test in the second shift only. That was not the big deal, I was particularly disappointed because only after reaching the venue, I came to know that the process is of two days and the face to face interview would take place only on the second day. If I had known that beforehand, I wouldn’t have worn my blue shirt on the first day. Anyway, who cares? I actually wore the same dress both days. It’s not that that shirt was my lucky charm or something, but I have always worn the same outfit for all my interviews and I have ended up getting selected in every one of them.
      I was really confident of cracking the aptitude test and obviously I cracked it and was called for the successive rounds on the next day along with Balaji and few others from our college. This time, we were taken to the college in the institution bus and the journey was so dizzying partly because I hadn’t had breakfast and also because Balaji made me read something from my mobile while traveling. Reading while traveling in buses always makes me dizzy. So when I reached the venue, I was not all well but as little a snack as a single egg puffs made it all vanish and I was refreshed. So breakfast had been the main culprit.
      The preparation I did for the day was a single glance over all the java concepts of which I had already made a ready reckoner that can be used instantly. This particular notebook of mine had been very helpful in cracking the technical rounds. I am not so good at technical but very good at selling what I am good at! I’ll come to it while discussing my interview. And there is another strange thing that I always did the day before interviews and paper presentations – watching one of my all-time favourite movies, The Social Network. I recommend it strongly to listen to music or watch movies, not any particular movie but anything that pumps up your adrenaline before the big day. It’s always good to go with a lot of spirit. It never fails to help you. But if you ask me how was I able to crack technical interviews just with a single glance before attending them, my answer would be this very simple thing - The last minute binging and last day efforts never work, it is the consistent learning discipline of months that is refreshed in minutes. But don’t be discouraged, by putting in extra efforts things can be achieved in a pretty short time too.
      Coming back to the crux – we were called inside an auditorium sort of a room where we were given programs to solve. There was an instructor, who gave questions individually to each candidate. They just gave whatever that came to their minds. So, it involved a little bit of luck too. My first question was to code a pattern involving *’s and A’s. It was not quite difficult, but I took a little time as I found that there was no time constraint and finally solved it. The second question was actually my trump card. He might have thought it to be a rather difficult question but I found it absolutely easy thanks to Balaji for having come up with the discussion on the same question earlier. It was the permutations of a three letter word, say ‘cat’. I solved it in no time and he was impressed. And finally, he asked me to code a program to eliminate extra spaces. Unlike the earlier answers, I did this in java. He then asked me which department was I from and promoted me to the next level of the technical interview.
      The level two of the technical interview began in a cordial way where a little over middle-aged person who I assume to be a senior developer asked me to take a seat and sat beside me. First, he asked me about classes and objects to which I gave fairly good answers. Then he asked me to draw a class diagram for an employee payroll. That was kid stuff actually and I did it with no glitch. And the final and only coding question in this round was to code a program to remove trailing and leading spaces. I came up with an elegant solution involving while loop and before I even completed the code, he asked me to go to the next level. While I was ready to get up, he suddenly said, “Ok, just tell me what virtual classes are”. This was quite surprising to me not only because he asked me that after short-listing me for the next level, but also because this was the only concept we discussed while traveling and this was the one that I read in my mobile while traveling which eventually made me dizzy. But Balaji has this amazing instinct of rightly predicting probable questions that benefited me particularly that time. So no wonder, I answered him and retained my position in the next level. (But I don’t remember so well whether I was right and sharp but thankfully, he was also not very attentive to my answer to that question. Maybe he had already made up his mind.)
      In the next level, I was asked to give two write-ups. First one, on the generic topic of career aspirations and as the second one, I was asked to write a one-page essay on my favourite film because I had mentioned watching films as one of my hobbies. The first one I wrote something usual but for the second one I had to take some time deciding which movie to write about. It’s the side effect of watching too many movies. But Social network came to my rescue and I wrote about it and what it means to me.
      They asked me to break for lunch and come back at 2’O clock for the HR interview. I was naturally elated. Only when I went outside I came to know that Balaji had also been selected for the HR interview. The joy was doubled now. Then we were four of us, Balaji, another friend Suresh Krishnan who unluckily or rather luckily because he got better chances later, couldn’t get past the first technical round because of being on the wrong side of luck (he was asked to implement a doubly linked list), a staff from our college Mr. Sathiya Kumar and me. We all had lunch together in the canteen. The funniest part was Sathiya Kumar sir suddenly started talking to me with a new respect and sorry to disappoint you, it was not for getting into the final round of the interview but was because he had gone through my profile and found me a little older than he expected.
       Back to the place of interview with a lot of spirit. Balaji introduced me to another guy who he said was from our place and I thought he was from tiruchengode maybe. Surprisingly the guy Manu Mathew, was from Nagercoil. It really was cool to meet someone who was studying in my hometown on a special day – it was not a special day just because I had an interview, November 1 is a local holiday in our place because it was the day on which we were integrated with Tamilnadu from Kerala. I think, it’s called the Founder’s day or something in our place.
      Cutting short the blabber, finally there were 4 of us facing the interview, Balaji, Manu Mathew, Pavithra, a girl from IRTT and I. We were all seated in a makeshift kind of an interview room which might have been the placement officer’s cabin. Balaji was called in first. And it took about 20 minutes for him to come out. The rest of us were silently looking at each other not knowing what to expect in the interview. Manu asked me to tell about some new technologies. I told him about quantum computing which I came across in digit magazine. Pavithra talked about how she went till the final round of some company, Tech Mahindra if I remember correctly. After some small talks it was complete silence in the waiting room and my body started feeling the chill in the air. No, it’s not the fear but the AC. Beyond a certain point the AC became too much for me. I was trying all techniques within the confines of a decent social behavior to keep myself warm like rubbing my palms, shrinking myself etc… Still it was so cool and it was taking a toll on me as we were called in the alphabetical order. That was the only con of having a name that starts with a letter near the very end of the alphabets.
      Thank god, before I started shivering Pavithra came out of the interview. I was the only one left and the interviewer took a little time in calling me in. The excitation took over the shiver. He finally called me in. He introduced himself stating his name and position in the company. I have this bad habit of not catching the name of people when they first tell them to me. Naturally I didn’t catch his name but then I came to know him to be Mr. Dinesh, HR – Aspire Systems. He was friendly and asked me for a self-introduction. I usually don’t have a generic self-introduction, so I just started telling about myself from my school days. I said about how I used to shift from one school to another in a matter of few years and how ended up studying in 7 schools. That averages to a school per 2 years. Then I told him about my short stint in marine studies and gave him a little background on why chose computer science etc. He didn’t ask me anything particularly difficult to answer. The interview actually changed course after that.
      He then asked me what I had learnt from my days at marine institute. I told him about the exercise regime we follow there and the discipline that was imparted to us. I told him about the sheer strength of character imparted by being entrusted with the responsibility of a multi-million dollar worth of cargo and ship at a very young age. The next question was to state an interesting concept that I learnt there. I told him about the “day’s work” concept. It actually is about maintaining track of the ship’s passage over a day. Everything such as the latitude and longitude of the ship’s positions are marked over 24 hours and it is used to check whether we are on the correct course. So the interview was really more related to marine than to computer science.
       And the interview was over finally. Waiting for the results of an interview made me far more anxious than the interview itself. It took 2-3 hours for us to know the results. Finally, all four of us were selected plus another girl from the host college. They congratulated all of us. Balaji and I being from the same college made us really special and it was more special because Balaji was actually asked to write about the best moment in life for the second essay and he had given an account of our winning the first prize in a paper presentation competition in our very first attempt and that too on his birthday. So the HR had an idea of our friendship. He commented that this would be another such day. It truly was!
     P.S: Unfortunately, I couldn’t accept their offer because of the three year bond associated with it. I contemplated a lot on taking the offer despite the bond but I just couldn’t do it. I felt like 3 years was too much for me to be spent on a same place. I may be out of marine life but the traveller in me never died.
 I wish to have all the others who attended the interview with me – Balaji, Manu and Pavithra to share their own account of the interview soon. Let’s hope they do me the favour.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

To a new city

I didn't want to skip a day of blogging just because I'm travelling. If I did then there is no use of having a smartphone after all.
So what will I blog about today - about the very train in which travelling. While I was travelling in the about 2 months back to attend my final semester exams I had thought that could be my last journey on that train. But it turned out that I have travelled by the same train twice after that. And both these times I travelled a longer distance than I used to while in college. So it's just very ironical that I'm travelling by the same train today.

More tomorrow from a new city...

Friday, June 19, 2015

Gym boys

Our college had a decent gym facility to feed the fitness freaks inside us. College going boys usually would have an interest towards building their bodies. May be it was the raging hormones or the natural intention to attract girls or whatever be the reason, being fit always felt great. Until about one month since the gym was opened, so many guys were thronging it in a “welcome attraction”. Well the welcome attraction soon faded away and the gym master became the only one visiting the gym regularly.
Soon, My friends Suresh Krishan, Madhan (Maddy Mathan @ facebook) and I started giving company to the gym master at least with our regular visits to gym. We used to do some random exercises and we felt our muscles growing day by day. The one thing that we could not have at home was the all-round mirror arrangement in the gym. We could just look our toned body reflected and this added to the high that we got from working out.
As our exercise routine was starting to become more mundane of sorts, some greatly interested guys like Dinesh and Giri joined with us. They showed greater endurance and inspired us to do more repetition of the exercises we usually would be doing. This new surge in work our naturally increased our interest in going to train daily. Soon the gym master also gave some work out training regimes to follow that made the work out sessions a lot more interesting and exciting.
Every single day we felt our muscles bulging. It was not just about spending an hour after college sweating out for calorie loss and body building but is was also such a good relaxation method. It gifted me a good sleep and lot of energy to concentrate during the day time. I always spoke about the advantages of going to gym and encouraged many of my friends into developing a habit of working out regularly.
We used to call ourselves “the gym boys” to proudly proclaim that we trained and stayed fit. It was not the exercises alone, we used to hang-out together after college hours. We used to treat each other with fast foods, noodles, mushroom fries and so much more. So many memories still remain fresh when I start thinking of the time I spent at the gym.
Quite obviously, exercising was the only physical activity that we ever had in our whole college life except the few small walks between the college and bus stop and of course between classes and labs or canteen.  The workouts never made us the next Hrithik Roshans but it at least made us feel good about ourselves, know the limits of our body and the reserve of our stamina. There is nothing equal to the pleasure of full exhaustion after a heavy workout session. We acquired greater joy in doing an extra repetition of a high intensity training. Each and every day we felt our strengths grow as we were able to do more reps. So that kept us all alive and awesome.
More awesome feelings coming soon…

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The best interview

Having attended a lot of interviews in person and via phone and skype, the whole interview thing has started becoming some kind of a boring conversation where I just have to give some pre prepared answers to the most typical interview questions. But lately I attended an interview by an e-commerce enabling company whose name I would better give when I get selected and this was a totally different interview experience for me. May be if I reach a position where I would have to interview people for job, I would certainly re use the questions that I answered. The one very distinct feature of this interview was that it made me to mine the best and positive part from within.

The HR on the other side was Nisha and she opened the interview with an introduction of herself. So sweet of her that she made a very long introduction that I became tensed may be she would expect the same kind of an impressive intro from me too. I gave an account my marine studies and then switching to engineering including some details about my competitive spirit and challenging nature. May be my introduction didn’t match her flawless delivery but still I felt better of having said the things that I have planned.

Then she asked me what I thought about the company and some usual stuffs. Only after that came the bigger guns. The first question of this manner was “what is the most depressing moment in your life and what did you learn from it?”. My answer was about the critical switch I made from my marine course to engineering (See the posts on why engineering?) and the life experiences I had from that incident.
The next question was, “Narrate a moment in your life when you wanted to give yourself a pat on your back?”. God! What a question? This question really made me realize one serious flaw in my retrospection so far. Just take a look at all the posts in my blog and you’ll find that most of them are tough situations that I faced or some preaching stuffs. I have never really written something about an incident that made me happy or a mind blowing person that I met or blissful occasion or any such thing. All that I have been thinking and writing about are gloomy stuffs!

I couldn’t come up with an incident that I felt so proud of immediately. I took a moment and then remembered giving a speech before an audience of over 2500 students. (Coming soon a complete post on that speech alone). That was truly a defining moment for me because that was by far the biggest audience I have ever faced and even that was the best speech I have delivered so far.

After that, she asked about my interests and she was excited when I told her that I have a passion for digital film-making. (She even asked me to send her the links of my films). The more and more she probed me she was also giving information about her. It was like two people knowing each other and not like the traditional kind of interview where the HR would be the only getting answers from us.

Finally, she asked if I had any questions. I clarified my doubt about pronouncing the name of the company and also about the whole selection process. At the end of the interview, it really felt like I should work for this company. The one lesson I have learnt from this interview is that the image the company portrays to its prospective employees is only through the HR and their selection procedures. When a company has a good HR, good people are sure to join the company and when good people join the company it is sure to flourish!

From this point onwards, my posts will be more positive, optimistic, lighter and less complaining. I hope my Mumbai dreams would come alive soon!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fear of responsibility...

Many have this simple doubt – why is a manager paid more than the people under him while all the work is done only by the sub ordinates and the manager simply oversees them? Is it not unfair to underpay a working person and overpay someone who supervises? NO, it is not. The weight of managing people is very high. Only a few shoulders have developed the strength to carry responsibility with ease. Others just have to join the lot which wonders why the hell these managers are given perks.

Responsibility is such an important thing. Some people just hate responsibility, some others pass responsibilities by pushing it someone who could well be a scapegoat, and only a few cherish responsibilities as if they were born for it.

Feeling responsible for your success is the greatest feeling you can ever get. There are many situations when we succeed at something but we don’t feel it at all. We just sleep like it was any other day. This happens because your heart knows that you are not responsible for your success. But when you truly know that you are solely responsible for your success, your heart will celebrate like anything even if it was a very little accomplishment.

The reason for a very unsatisfying life is the lack of responsibility in some form. When we take control of our life, it begins to dance to our tune. At the beginning it may look odd, because we are not adept at composing good tune for the rhythm of life but as we move on, we will soon develop our skills in designing a good score so that our life will be choreographed in the most awesome way.

“You are responsible for whatever happens to you”, read it somewhere. Such a true statement. When we take such a responsibility for each and every move in our life, we will head towards our goal and feel an eternal bliss after crossing every hairpin bend in the journey. Because we know that it is our efforts that carried us throughout the rough terrain.

Some people just go on justifying their mistakes however we try to convince the error on their part. They are the ones who have weak shoulders that could not hold the weight of responsibility. But they don’t understand the best part. The proper training of holding responsibility is like doing an exercise or a weight training in gym it will make your mind stronger. It is fuel your confidence. The more you take responsibility the more you will be respected. People always revere people who do things that they aren’t capable of doing themselves. So naturally when you hold responsibility which they can never dream of, they start respecting you.

The more you run away from responsibility the more it will haunt you. An irresponsible person is certainly not a cool tag to carry around. No one on earth ever lives without making a single mistake so it is no mistake to make mistakes but it is a mistake to not take responsibility of your mistake.
So just go ahead and take control of your life. Start taking responsibility and you will feel more alive every day.