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Leashing the "Thiruttu Naaye" | Post 1 - Concept, Characters, Script Structure and Flow

Hello everyone. It’s been a very long time since I wrote anything on this blog. So I thought, I’ll write a series on my latest short film “Thiruttu Naaye”. This series of blog posts is targeted primarily at aspiring short filmmakers who wouldn’t have much budget and access to the best of resources but are filled with a lot of passion to make it big. Casual readers won’t have much to take from it except a load of mindless trivia behind the making of my biggest project yet. 

I was playing with the core idea of the film for quite a while during the days of last November and finally completed writing down the first draft by December. I remember narrating it to my friends during my trip to Hyderabad over the New Year eve. 
The core concept:
I wanted to make a rom-com with the clich├ęs of an unequal relationship. Initially, I had a plan to shoot an live-action film and “cartoonize” it (Inspired from “Waking Life” by Richard Linklater). I even had a title in mind – “Kaadhalithen Kaadhali Then” …