Journey of RED

Someday around the mid of September 2015, I came across this film festival by an NGO called Antardrishti – Drishti Short film festival. They were calling for films less than 10 minutes in duration on the theme of eye donation. The deadline was almost a month away. Having just made 4-5 short films earlier with friends of which only 2 are still in youtube and the rest are the embarrassing amateur attempts, that felt like a huge leap for me. As part of brainstorming, I started watching videos on blind people, short films that are already made on the theme, previous year winners of the contest etc. I jotted down every idea that struck me. Few of which are interesting that I’ve still reserved them for my future projects. Once I start working on a project, I prepare few dialogues that would form the crux of the story and weave scenes around them. Few of the dialogues that didn’t make it to the final draft – “All I see is just black!” “You see the truth. Black is

Cold Feet and Varun Agarwal

While going through my daily quora digest, I came across an answer citing a Varun Agarwal quote. That actually triggered me into a routine, which I usually follow when I get interested in a   personality. Read their Wikipedia bio Find their personal website and check their contacts (I’ve never reached out to any of them, still I do check for ways to get in touch) Watch their interviews/speeches in Youtube Look for similarities between our lives/thoughts/speech pattern (and many other silly things) Get impressed and inspired all over again But in the case of Varun Agarwal, my routine took a different course. I did go through his profile and personal website :p. In addition, it triggered memories of my college days - when and how he became my source of inspiration, eventually resulting in this blog post. Balaji and me had this habit of taking part in as many paper presentations as possible, mostly to escape our boring college lectures. We easily got per

Leashing the "Thiruttu Naaye" | Post 1 - Concept, Characters, Script Structure and Flow

Hello everyone. It’s been a very long time since I wrote anything on this blog. So I thought, I’ll write a series on my latest short film “Thiruttu Naaye” . This series of blog posts is targeted primarily at aspiring short filmmakers who wouldn’t have much budget and access to the best of resources but are filled with a lot of passion to make it big. Casual readers won’t have much to take from it except a load of mindless trivia behind the making of my biggest project yet.  I was playing with the core idea of the film for quite a while during the days of last November and finally completed writing down the first draft by December. I remember narrating it to my friends during my trip to Hyderabad over the New Year eve.  The core concept: I wanted to make a rom-com with the clich├ęs of an unequal relationship. Initially, I had a plan to shoot an live-action film and “cartoonize” it (Inspired from “Waking Life” by Richard Linklater). I even had a title in mind – “ Kaadhali